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About Me

I'm here for you.


 I remember the dark time in my life years ago, when everything seemed to not work out for me. I was stressed out at work, overwhelmed, and financial demands from family and everyone else piled up and yet, I still felt responsible for everyone's education and happiness. Like most Filipino nurses , getting out of the emotional conundrum I was in, seemed impossible. I buried my essence under the layers, masked my feelings & cut myself off from listening to the divine directives. I cut off from the most important aspect of who I am: my voice, my power and my dreams. I forgot my dreams because my thoughts and behaviors undermined me. I was going into an abyss that I didn't know how to extricate myself from. 


Imagine waking up each morning feeling alive, abundant and joyful  knowing that you will have enough time and money to focus on achieving your dreams so you can make the contributions you were born to make in this world. It is a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot of dedication. 

My Background


 Hi, my name is Belen ( Belle ) Loreto Grand. I immigrated in 1982 as a critical care registered nurse; worked extensively in the field of nursing as a liver and GI transplant coordinator, research administrator, Oncology ARNP and office administrator.My life's journey took different turns until I found my passion to listen, support and empower others so they too can live a life of unprecedented joy, meaningful & purposeful  lives  and achieve their dreams. I understand the Filipino cultural taboos & inner conflicts you must be going through. You need someone who can provide you the emotional support & encouragement as you navigate FAMILY-MONEY-RELATIONSHIP dramas . As a Life Coach I have a vast history of client success, my empathic and individualized approach will help you attain the following: 

  • More abundant and fun- filled life 
  • Re-center yourself to where you can maintain family harmony.
  • Inspire your family to achieve true wealth, happiness and financial freedom
  • Reach your full potential, leave a legacy to your community and the  Filipino society  
  • Make the contributions you were born to make in this world.